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August 21, 2018
Allentown Crime Watch
President's Council

The next Allentown Crime Watch President's
Council meeting  is scheduled on the following is
on hold until a date and site is chosen  ---

Regularly Scheduled Neighborhood Meetings are
normally  held on the Third Thursday of the Month  
7:00 PM ... The Location for our meetings before
our summer Hiatus was Trinity Church on Emmaus
Watch President's Council .... Our individual
Allentown Crime Watch President Council Officers
Dennis L. Pearson - President
Richard Wilburn -Vice President
Marlene Granitz - Secretary
Ruthanne Phillips - Treasurer

CHAIR --- Dennis Pearson ---
PSA I --- Richard Wilburn ---
PSA II --- Ken Heffeltraeger ---
PSA III --- David Keshl --- JDK@4114GMAIL.COM
PSA IV ---Milly Canales ---
PSA  I -- Captain James Keiser
PSA  II -- Captain Charles Roca
Ben Gress
PSA  III -- Captain John Hill
PSA  IV -- Captain Glenn Granitz Jr
Email ---
Chief of Police Tony Alsleben

Allentown Crime Watch Needs You!

Please consider for a moment that if you would become a
victim of a crime…Wouldn't you be grateful if someone would
lend a hand?  Even if only to call the police.  It is up to
everyone to pay attention to what is going on around them and
to  CALL THE POLICE whenever it is necessary

The Allentown Crime Watch Presidents’ Council (established in
1982) is an organization of leaders  who represent  volunteer  
neighborhood groups within the City of Allentown.  We can use
your help today!

Allentown Crime Watch President's Council Inc. - 2015

Incorporation papers filed October 19, 2015 with the
Department of State, Corporation Bureau, Harrisburg PA.,
Approved November 10, 2015
Announcement of Incorporation
Ernie Atiyeh ---- Former President of
Allentown Crime Watch
      Organization Philosophy

Police are more effective in reducing and preventing crime  in
neighborhoods where they can depend on the residents for
assistance.  Allentown Crime Watch Presidents’ Council’s
philosophy encourages citizens to get involved and play an
active role in helping to improve their neighborhood.

Our Goals

Crime Prevention Information Dissemination / Education

Support and Create New Neighborhood Groups

Keep open lines of communication between law enforcement
and the community.

To celebrate the active participation of citizens by becoming
the “eyes and ears” of their neighborhood by reporting all
suspicious activity.
The Leonard Buck Banquet
This year marks the 42nd Annual Leonard Buck Awards Banquet for
the Allentown Crime Watch. This banquet honors a dedicated
Neighborhood Group member and shows appreciation to all
volunteers who are nominated for Certificates of Appreciation
through their neighborhood group. We also acknowledge our
nomination for Police Officer of the Year. This family style dinner is
usually attended by over 200 participants. The dinner this year will
be  held at the Fearless Fire Co. 1231 S. Front Street on Thursday,
April 21, 2016---Doors open @ 5:30 PM. Dinner served @ 6:30
P.M. Usually no tickets are sold at the door  Tickets are available for
purchase from Member Crime Watch organization members. The
cost per ticket is $28.
The Awards
(L) Janet and David  Keshl former winners of the
Leonard Buck Award (R) Standing with Police Captain
William Reinik (L) the 2015 winner of the Ben Gress
Police Appreciation Award
Leonard S. Buck, for whom this banquet is named, was instrumental in
helping to form the first Crime Watch program in the City of Allentown. The
first Crime Watch group, called KERT (Keystone Emergency Response the
Crime Watch program came to light. With the encouragement of then
Allentown Mayor Joseph S. Daddona, the Crime Prevention Unit of the
Allentown Police Department was established under the leadership of
Captain Robert Ring.

In the years that followed, Leonard Buck served as a trainer to help
organize other Crime Watch groups. Because of his efforts, 14 Crime Watch
programs were started and dozens of people were trained for the Program.
In 1984 Capt. Ring contacted Ben Gress, then President of the President's
Council to organize a banquet within 30 days to honor Leonard's
endeavors. Shortly after that banquet , Leonard S. Buck Succumbed to a
heart attack.

At every Leonard S. Buck banquet we honor Leonard's memory. We, the
members and supporters of the Allentown Crime Watch are forever grateful
for the thousands of hours of dedicated services given by Leonard S. Buck,
who many people regard as the founder of the Allentown Crime Watch

At a dinner held in 1984 in his honor, Leonard received the first City Wide
Crime Watch Award. After his death, the Leonard Buck Banquet sas held
annually and an award was given annually, honoring his memory, The
Lonard Buck Award is presented to an outstanding Crime Watch Volunteer

Leonard Buck Award Recipients

1984 --- Leonard S. Buck
1984 --- Charles McFadden
1985 --- Ben Gress
1986 --- Bill Geist
1987 --- Roy Paul
1988 --- Ernie Kaiser
1989 --- Art Keitch
1990 --- Bill Weber
1991 ---  Craig Turton
1992 --- Bill Griffith
1993 --- Joseph Daddona
1994 --- Orpha Ockenhouse
1995 --- Gladys Falstick
1996 --- Hilda Sawka
1997 --- Leon Licenwalner
1998 --- Patti Engler
1999 --- Al Molinatti
2000 --- Joe Davis
2001 --- Tom Burke
2002 --- Ken Laudenslager
2003 --- Kim Beitler
2004 --- Bob Bernhard
2005 --- Michael & Gretchen Krasley
2006 --- Harry Krapser
2007--- Charlie Seifert
2008 --- Kay Pickel
2009 --- Dennis Pearson
2010 --- Ernie Atiyeh
2011 --- David & janet Keshl
2012 --- Ruthann Phillips
2013 --- Bonnie Wachter
2014 --- Ed Detra
2015 --- Ken Heffentrager
2016 ---  Richard Wilburn
2017 === Robert Jacoby
The Leonard Buck Award
The Ben Gress Police Officer Appreciation Award
he Allentown Crime Watch Distinguished Police Officers of the
Year Award was established by the Allentown Crime Watch
President's Council in 2000 ... We present one award annually
to an Outstanding Police Officer who demonstrated dedication
to serving our community ... By recommendation of the
President's Council of the Allentown Crime Watch in 2009 this
award was renamed in honor of Ben Gress, who was the  
epitome of what  an Allentown Crime Watch Volunteer should
be. Ben was our most dedicated and determined volunteer

Ben Gress Distinguished Police Officer of the Year Award

2000 --- Roger Johns
2001 --- Charles Kulp
2002 --- Henry Harmony
2003 --- Shane Anthony
2004 --- Joseph Hanna
2005 --- Roger Mac Lean
2006 --- Dean Schwartz
2007 ---  Glen Dorney
2008 --- David Howells Jr.
2009 --- Ronald Manescu
2010 --- Michael Mancini
2011 --- George Hoagland
2012 --- Michael Beidelman
2013 --- Kieth Morris
2014 --- William Reinik
2015 --- Joe Iannetta
2016 --- Craig Berger
2017 --- Barry Howells
Allentown Crime Watch President's Council,
Inc. Contact information ---

Dennis Pearson, President
942 E Tilghman Street Allentown, PA 18109
Telephone # --- (610) 434-1229
E-Mail ---
Much thanks to Phyllis Alexander the longtime City  
liaison between the City and the President's Council
for her years of service to us ... She retired from City
Service on Friday, November 20, 2015
Patty Engler and Kim Beitler   former Leonard Buck winner s
Council Bylaws
Minutes 2016
Jeanette Eichenwald whom served  the City of Allentown
in the past as an Allentown School Board Director and
as an Allentown City Council person was our Leonard
Buck Banquet speaker in 2017
Bi-Annual President's Council of the Allentown Crime watch
Police Appreciation Dinner
Assistant Chief of Police -
Operations  --- Stephen  
Email ---
Assistant Chief of Police -
Support Services  --- Gail Struss

Email --- Gail.Struss@Allentownpa,gov