* Bylaws *
East Allentown-Rittersville Neighborhood
Association, Inc.

Constitution and Bylaws of the East Allentown - Rittersville
Neighborhood  Association, Inc.

***** Approved by the Neighborhood Board of Directors ----  February
12, 1981*****

ARTICLE 1 --- Name and Boundaries

Section 1 --- This association shall be named, known and identified
as East Allentown/Ritttersville Neighborhood Association, Inc.;  
hereafter referred to as EARN.

(Passed by neighborhood Board of Directors --- July 13, 1993 ---
Amendment replaces all former references to EARN 27 in bylaws)

Section 2  --- The officials policies, positions opinions of EARN shall
not be established
or determined by any organization other than its official membership
or its agent(s) --- The
\Neighborhood Board of Directors.

Section 3  --- All activities of EARN shall be conducted in the name of  

Section 4 ---  EARN may operate and recruit membership in a
geographical territory
comprising  the 14th and 15th wards of Allentown ... ( Passed by the
Board of Directors --- 4/8/93 )

ARTICLE II --- Purpose and Function

Section 1  --- EARN may recommend any action, policy or
comprehensive plan to the
City, School District, County, State, Federal Government or any
agency or business
affecting the livability of the neighborhood including but not limited
to: land use, zoning,
housing, community facilities , education, human resources, public
safety, social and
recreational programs, traffic and transportation, environmental
quality, open space and
parks. ( Passed by the Board of Directors --- 4/8/93 )

Section  2 --- EARN shall assist City, School District, County, State
and Federal governments
in determining priority needs for the neighborhood. ( Passed by the
Board of Directors ---

Section 3  ---  EARN may review items for inclusion in City, School
District, County,  State
and Federal Budgets and make recommendations relating to
proposed expenditures in
these respective budgets for direct or indirect neighborhood
improvement. (Passed by
the Board of Directors --- 4/8/93)

Section 4 ---  Undertake to manage projects as may be agreed upon
or contracted with
public or private agencies.

Section 5 --- Engage in comprehensive planning on matters affecting
the livability of the
neighborhood when carried out by a planning committee
representative of the geographic
areas and of the various interests relating to our community.

ARTICLE III --- Membership

Section 1 --- The membership of this neighborhood association is
open to any individual
resident, property owner, business, professional, industrialists, or
representatives of
non-profit organizations located within the neighborhood

Section 2 --- No denial of membership shall be due to race, religion,
creed, sex, color,
physical handicap, or national origin.

Section 2 ---Proposed (Amendment made to be more in line with
Allentown President’s
Council requirement for membership)

a. There shall be no denial of membership to individuals or groups
on the basis of race,
color, religion, creed, sex, age, disability, national origin, sexual
orientation, income, or
political affiliation.
b. The membership may make policies, recommendations, or actions
that is to the best
interest of the welfare of our neighborhood

ARTICLE IV  --- Dues and Funding

Section 1  --- The charging of dues or membership fees shall not be
required for
membership or voting.

Section 2  --- Voluntary dues, social events and affairs, contributions,
contracts, grants or
subscriptions to newsletters may be used by this group as sources
of income.

Section 3 --- A voluntary dues structure can be established in an
amount which shall be
determined or suggested by the neighborhood Board of Directors
and approved by the
general membership.

ARTICLE V --- Organization

Section 1 --- This association shall be comprised of the General
Membership, Officers,
Board of Directors, Block Captains and whatever Committees as
may be formed by the

ARTICLE VI --- General Membership Meetings

Section 1  ---  EARN General Membership Meetings shall be
established by the EARN
Board of Directors upon the recommendation of the President of
EARN.  (Amended 3/16/87)

Section 2  --- When conditions warrant, the President subject to the
approval of the Board
of Directors can suspend or change the date of any regularly
scheduled meeting in any
given month.

Section 3 --- These bylaws do not prohibit the President or the Board
of Directors of this
association from conducting EARN General Membership Meetings
(routinely or
occasionally) in joint session with General Membership meetings of
other neighborhood

Section 4  --- The date, place and time of scheduled neighborhood
meetings shall be
advertised generally throughout the neighborhood by publication of
a neighborhood
newsletter or a release of neighborhood meeting information to the

Section 5 --- Special meetings of the General Membership shall be
called by the President
at such times as he/she may deem necessary or upon written
request signed by three (3)
members of the Board of Directors, or upon written request signed
by ten(10) members of
this association.

Section 6 --- Special meetings of the General Membership shall be
limited to a specific
problem for which it was called.

Section 7  --- All meetings of the General Membership shall be open
to the public,
government officials and the press.

Section 8 --- The standing order of this association is that General
meetings should be conducted in an open town hall type of manner;
that, the formal style
business meeting should be utilized on limited occasions.

Section 9 --- Those members present at any General Membership
Meetings constitute a

Section 10 -- A simple majority shall be required to pass any motion
made at any meeting of
the General Membership unless otherwise provided herein.

ARTICLE VII --- Citizen Based Boards or Coalition Representatives of
the EARN Board
of Directors

Section 1 --- The EARN Board of Directors (or the Membership) shall
appoint upon the
recommendation of the EARN President as many representatives,
delegates or alternate
representatives and delegates that may be needed to adequately
represent the interests
of the neighborhood on Citizen Based Boards or Coalitions formally
recognized in timely fashion by the EARN  Board of Directors (or
membership) for
neighborhood membership and neighborhood participation.(
Amended 9/30/87)

Section 2 --- The EARN Board of Directors (or the Membership) upon
the recommendation
of the EARN President shall appoint as many representatives and
delegates or alternate
representatives and delegates that may be required or needed to
represent the interests of the neighborhood on national, state,
regional or community
based oriented committees or boards as would be recognized in
timely fashion by the
EARN Board of Directors (or membership) for neighborhood
membership and participation.
(Amended 9/30/87)

Section 3  --- Neighborhood delegates and  representatives or
alternate delegates orrepresentatives on Citizen based boards or
coalitions or national, state, regional or community based issue
oriented committees or boards shall inform the EARN Board of
Directors and General Membership as to developments occurring
within their area of responsibility. (Amended 9/30/87)

Section 4 ---   The EARN Board of Directors Assumes Full
responsibility for the management of the 501(3) C Organization ---
Lehigh Valley Council for Regional Livability . (Proposed October 18,
2010, Amended February 20, 2012)

ARTICLE VIII --- Block Captains

Section 1 --- The definition of "block associations" as used in these
bylaws shall mean
a group of people organized within the boundaries of one or more
city blocks for the
purpose of considering and acting upon common concerns affecting
block livability.

Section 2  --- Block area boundaries which are applicable to EARN
are shown on exhibit B.
These boundaries reflect an effort to better serve and reflect the
needs of the diverse
block associations of this neighborhood.

Section 3  --- Block Captains shall be appointed by the neighborhood
Board of Directors
from within each block association to distribute neighborhood
meeting notices and
newsletters, to call neighbors about special meetings or important
information, and to
report problems and news back to the neighborhood board and

Section 4 --- Special meetings of the Block Captains shall be called
by the President at
such times as he/she may deem necessary.

ARTICLE IX --- Officers

Section 1 --- The officers of this association shall consist of a
President, one or more Vice
Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and such other officers as may
be deemed necessary
by the Board.

Section 2  --- Any resident of the EARN  prime service area who is 18  
and above is eligible
to serve the neighborhood as an officer. However, the following
qualities should be
present in any individual entrusted with the office of President.

1. The President should be both a community leader and a
representative of the

2. The President should be a person with adequate time to devote to
the operations of the

3. The President should be a person generally interested in
enhancing or maintaining
neighborhood livability and cognizant and not insensitive to the
concerns of the poor,
disadvantaged and those on a fixed income residing in the

4. The President should be a person whose personal strength and
leadership ability will
guarantee organized meetings, adequate planning, and proper
governance. (Passed by
the Neighborhood Board of Directors --- July 13, 1993)

Section 3 --- The officers and Board of Directors of this association
shall be elected by
the General Membership in open election during November ...
Balloting shall be performed
by secret ballot.

Section 4 --- The term of all elected officer positions shall be one(1)
year, or in each case,
until their respective successors are elected and installed.

Section 5  --- A slate of nominees shall be presented for all elected
positions at the
September meeting of the Board of Directors. The slate shall be
prepared by a nominating
Committee appointed by the President in July with the approval of
the Board. Additional
nominations will be received from the floor at the October meeting
and closed at that time.
Also, nominees can be presented upon petition signed by twenty-
five (25) members of the
association prior to the time nominations close.

Section 6 --- A simple majority of the members voting shall be
required to elect nominees
for all elected positions.

Section 7  --- Any officer elected by the membership may be removed
at anytime by an
affirmative vote of 2/3rds of the Board of Directors. Any vacancy
occurring in any Office
or Directorate of the Corporation, other than a vacancy resulting
from normal expiration of
a term of office, shall be filled by the Board of Directors by an
affirmative vote of a quorum
present at such a meeting which shall be held not sooner than thirty
(30) days after written
notice of the vacancy has been mailed to all members.

Section 8 --- The President shall be the principal officer of this
association. It shall be the
duty of the President to preside over all neighborhood meetings and
deliberations of the
General Membership, Board of Directors, and Block Captains and to
perform such other
tasks as shall properly be designated and directed by the Board.
(Passed by the
Neighborhood Board of Directors --- July 13, 1993)

Section 9 --- It shall be the duty of the Vice President to perform the
duty of the Chair in the
event of the President's absence or disability. In the case of multiple
Vice Presidents, the
Vice president of highest rank as determined by the Board shall
perform the duties and
exercise the power of the chairperson. The Vice President shall
respectively have such
powers and perform such duties as may be described by the
Board of Directors or the President.

Section 10  --- The duties of the Secretary shall be those indicated by
the title as well as
those established by these bylaws and such other duties as may be
properly prescribed by
the Board (or the Membership). The Secretary shall keep accurate
minutes of all meetings.

Section 11 -- The Treasurer shall have the custody of the association
funds and securities
and shall keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and
disbursements in a book
belonging to the association and shall be responsible for depositing
all the monies in the
name and to the credit of the association as may be designated by
the Board of Directors.
He/She shall be responsible for the disbursement of funds of the
association in
accordance with the directions of the Board of Directors, and shall
render to the Board of
Directors, at its regular meetings, ( or when the Board of Directors so
requires) an account
of all his/her transactions as treasure and of the financial condition of
the association. The
Board shall determine when the financial condition of the
Corporation makes it necessary
to bond the treasurer. (Passed by the Neighborhood Board of
Directors --- July 13, 1993)

ARTICLE X --- The Board of Directors

Section 1  --- The Board of Directors shall be composed of all Officers
of this organization
as stated in Article IX - section 1 and 12 delegates elected to four (4)
four year terms. A
staggered program for election of the Board of Directors shall be
implemented upon
adoption of these Bylaws. ( the start up process shall see three
delegates elected to 1 year terms, 3 delegates to two year terms, 3
delegates to three year
terms and 3 delegates to full 4 year terms.)

Section 2  --- The Past President, Block Captains, and CNO Issue
Committee and Board
delegates shall sit with the neighborhood Board as ex-official

(Section needs to be updated with provisions provided in Article VII -
CNO was dissolved
in 1987)

Section 3  --- The conduct of business including parliamentary
procedure by and of this
Board of Directors shall be done in accordance with the revised
standard edition of
Robert's Rules of Order, insofar as the same is not inconsistent with
these bylaws or any
standing order of this association.

Section 4  --- The Board of Directors shall meet at least six times per
year and at other such
intervals  as shall be deemed necessary or expedient by the
President or the Board of
Directors. Written notice of said date for the meeting of the Board
shall be given to all
directors at least three (3) days prior to date of such meeting.

Section 5 --- The Board has the power and responsibility to establish
rules, regulations and
policies for the governing and managing of its affairs not
inconsistent with these Bylaws or
with any law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United
States. Such rules,
regulations and policies shall be established upon an affirmative
vote of a majority of a
quorum of the Board.

Section 6 --- The secretary of the Board shall be responsible for
keeping a full and
complete record of all of its public proceedings, whose records will
be open to inspection
during any Board or General Membership Meeting.

Section 7  --- The Board shall not conduct any business in the
absence of a quorum of its
members.  A quorum constitutes one-third of the total membership of
the Board. The
majority of those present shall rule at any meeting where a quorum is
present except
where these Bylaws or EARN policies expressly require more than a
majority vote.

Section 8 --- The Board of directors shall be accountable to the
people of the
neighborhoods they represent. They shall be responsible for general
notification in the
area about meetings, positions taken, elections and other events.
They shall be
responsible for seeking the views of the people affected by
proposed policy or
action before adopting recommendations. They should also be
responsible for
guaranteeing adequate notice and hearing through a regular and
orderly process to those
proposing policy or action before adopting any recommendations.

Section 9 --- Dissenting views on any issue considered by this
organization shall be
recorded and transmitted along with any recommendations made by
the association to the
School District, City, County, U.S. Government, Non-Profit private
agencies or

Section 10  --- Procedure shall be established whereby persons may
request the
association to reconsider a decision which adversely affects the
person or causes some

Section 11  --- Nothing in this chapter shall limit the right of any
person or group to
participate directly in the decision making process of the School
District, City, County,. U.S.
Government, private agency or business.

ARTICLE XI --- Committees of the Board

Section 1  --- The Board of Directors shall establish whatever
committees it deems
necessary to carry on the business of the Board, and disband the
same when no longer
needed. Committees review problems submitted within their area of
interest, and pass
recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Section 2 --- Each Committee consists of at least three members who
determine and
represent the views of their neighborhood in making
recommendations and proposals.

Section 3 --- Each Committee shall have a Chairperson, Vice
Chairperson and Secretary.

Section 4 --- Committee meetings shall be held at the call of the
Chairperson. Committees
shall operate in such a way which is not specifically prohibited by
law nor contrary to EARN  
Board of Director Bylaws and overall policy. A record of the
proceedings of each
Committee meeting shall be filed with the Secretary; a report shall be
given at scheduled
meetings of the Board.

ARTICLE XII --- Prohibition Against Sharing in Corporate or
Association's Earnings

Section 1 --- No director, officer, employee or person connected with
the association, or
any other private individual shall receive at any time any of the net
earnings or pecuniary
profit from the operation of the corporation; provided, that this shall
not prevent the
payment to any such person of such reasonable compensation for
services rendered to or for the association in effecting any of its
purposes as shall be
fixed by the Board; nor shall it limit the extent to which grants,
scholarships, and
fellowships can be made available to scholars, researchers,
students, writers, and others.

ARTICLE XIII --- Past Obligations of EARN
Prior to Incorporation}

Section 1 --- All debts contracted and engagements entered into
before the adoption of
these Bylaws shall be valid against the East Allentown/Rittersville
Association, Inc.  at the time of incorporation under these Bylaws, as
under the Bylaws of
the Current Board of Directors which are superseded by these

ARTICLE XIV --- Private Property

Section 1 --- The private property of the members of the Board shall
not be subject to
payment of the debts of the Board, and each and all shall be exempt
from liability
whatsoever therefore, and this article shall not be subject to
amendment or revision by
operation of law or otherwise.

ARTICLE XV --- Audits and Fiscal Affairs

Section 1 --- All funds allocated for various phases of this association
shall be audited.

Section 2  --- The Board of Directors depending on the extent of
public funding can hire a
certified public accountant to audit accounts or elect to conduct a
self audit by creation of
a special ad hoc committee for that purpose. In both cases the audit
procedure shall be
completed sixty (60) days after the completion of the fiscal year. The
final report shall be
given the President and brought before the Board before being made

Section 3  --- The Board may authorize any officer or officers, agent
or agents, to enter into
any contract or execute or deliver any instrument in the name of and
on behalf of the
association, and such authority may be general or confined in
specific instances.

Section 4 --- All checks, drafts or other orders for payments of
money, notes,or other
evidences of indebtedness issued in the name of the association
shall be signed by such
officer or officers, agent or agents of the corporation and in such
manner as shall from
time to time be determined by resolution of the Board.

ARTICLE XVI --- Dissolution

Section 1 --- In the event of the dissolution of the association, all its
assets remaining, after
the payment of all debts and obligations of the corporation, shall be
distributed to such
one or more organizations which have purposes and objects similar
to those of this
corporation and are exempt from U.S. income taxes under the
provision of  Section 501 (c)
(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as the Board of Directors
may select, and if more
than one, in such shares and proportion as the Board of Directors
may determine.

ARTICLE XVII --- Amendments to Bylaws

Section 1 --- Members of the Board shall establish or amend these
Bylaws (Except Article
XIV) by two-thirds vote of a quorum of the members of the Board at
any regular or special
meeting, provided that such Bylaws or amendments have been
submitted to the Secretary
in writing.

ARTICLE XVIII --- Effective Date

Section 1 --- The effective date of these Bylaws shall be immediately
upon their adoption
and approval as provided herein, and their ratification by the EARN
Board of Directors

Policies related to these bylaws established 9/30/1987

Please Note --- The Allentown Community of Neighborhood
Organizations which EARN was
a member before CNO ceased operations for good in 1987 required
that for a neighborhood election be recognized by that group at least
members of the community must participate in the  balloting ... EARN
has followed this policy procedure even when CNO went out of
business as an unstated
but formal part of the bylaws as of 9/30/1987.

Please Note --- A neighborhood Association  should not be
considered a sub group for any political party or any other  political
issue oriented organization... A neighborhood organization
promotes the well-being of the
communities building infrastructure and the public safety of its
people and other
necessary livability issues ... As a norm people are not rushing to
compete for
neighborhood positions at least this has not been the
experience of EARN ... Since 9/30/1987  the policy procedure for the
Nominating Committee
has been to look within the Board of Directors for the high leadership
of the neighborhood
and look within the interested membership to fill any Board
vacancies .... What is not
wanted is a partisan takeover of the EARN neighborhood to
specifically promote the
interests of political candidates no matter what political office they
are seeking.

Proposed Amendment Article VII  
Section 5 --- October 18, 2010 --- At the Current time the EARN
Neighborhood ( an incorporated association)  is an active participant
in the President's Council of the Allentown Crime Watch, an
unincorporated association. As such we are entitled to send one
representative ... The ability of EARN to act independently on matters
we firmly believe in remains an option for this neighborhood
Nsxt EARN Meeting September 17, 2019