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Allentown City Ordinances


It shall be a violation of this ordinance for any person(s),
unauthorized by the City, to collect or pick up or cause to be
collected or picked up any recyclable material placed at curbside for
City collection.  Each such collection in violation hereof shall
constitute a separate and distinct offense punishable as hereinafter
provided. If you see anyone picking through garbage, call the police
non-emergency number: (610) 437-7751. Note the type of vehicle
the scavenger(s) are using and try to get its license number.

Removal of Snow and Ice:

All persons owning, controlling or occupying any private property,
premises, lot or tract of land adjoining or fronting upon any of the
streets of the City shall remove snow and ice from the sidewalk
area or footway of such premises within ten (10) hours after it shall
have ceased snowing, sleeting or raining. It shall be considered
compliance with this section if a cleared portion three (3′) feet in
width shall have been made upon such sidewalk or footpath.

To report snow/ice not cleared from sidewalks, please call 610-437-


Ordinances Related to Trash:

All municipal waste containers shall be placed at the curbline or
street directly in front of the included commercial or institutional
entity where the municipal waste was generated, not before 5:00
PM and prior to 10:00 PM, only on their designated nights. (14373 §1

All containers shall be removed from the street or curbline as soon
as practicable, within 12 hours, after collection. (13289 §1 11/3/94;
13614 §1 11/20/97; 13762 §1 7/22/99; 14373 §1 3/16/06)

All material shall be placed at the curbline in a manner as not to
result in spilled or scattered trash or litter on public or private
property. All material placed out for collection shall be the
responsibility of the property owner, responsible agent or occupant
until it is collected by the Contractor. (14373 §1 3/16/06)