Lehigh County Executive

Phillips Armstrong

Lehigh County Commissioners

(those that EARN residents can vote for)

Amy Zanelli  --- 3rd District

Marty Nothdtein --- At-large Chair

Brad Osborne --- At Large ---

Amanda Holt - At-Large

Dan Hartzell --- At-Large

(those that EARN residents can't vote for)

  • From Left to right ---Marc Grammes --- District 1; Percy H.
    Dougherty--- District 2;; Geoff Brace---District 4;   Nathan
    Brown  --- District 5

Mayor of Allentown

Ray O'Connell

Allentown City Council

Roger MacLean -- City Council President

Candida Affa - City Council Vice President

Other City Council members

From Left to Right --- 1st Row -Julio Guridy, Cyntha Mota, Daryl
Hendicks 2nd Row --- Courtney Robinson and Ed Zucal  

City of Allentown Managing Director ---
Joseph M. McMahon III

City of Allentown Solicitor
Position vacated by City Council vote.

School Board --- Charles F. Thiel;
Vice President of Allentown School Board ---Ce Ce Gerlach; ;
Robert E. Smith, Jr. Elizabeth Martinez; Audrey Mathison ; Sara-
Jane Brace, Cheryl Johnson-Watts,Lisa Conover, .Phoebe Harris,
Thomas E. Parker, ASD SuperintendentPresident of Allentown

Brian C. Nagle, Chair – Macungie Borough, Lehigh County , Scott C.
Bieber, Vice Chair – Upper Milford Township, Lehigh County
, Richard H.
Bohner, Secretary – City of Allentown, Lehigh County – Ted Lyons,
Treasurer – City of Allentown, Lehigh County – Norma Cusick, Assistant
Secretary – Salisbury Township, Lehigh County – Linda Rosenfeld – City
of Allentown, Lehigh County – Deana Zosky – Lower Macungie
Township, Lehigh County –
,Kevin Baker, Assistant Treasurer – Lower
Macungie Township, Lehigh County –
,Jeff Morgan – South Whitehall
Township, Lehigh County –

LCA’s leadership includes:Liesel M. Gross, Chief Executive Officer,  
Edward C. Klein, Chief Financial Officer,John W. Parsons, Chief
Operating Officer, Charles E. Volk, Chief Capital Works Officer,
Patricia L. Mandes, Chief Compliance Officer , Christopher W. Moughan,
Chief Information Officer,  Susan L. Sampson, Customer Care &
Communications Manager
Bradford E. Landon, Solicitor

EARN Local Representation
Lehigh County
City of Allentown
School District of Allentown
Lehigh County Authority
Next EARN meeting: September 17, 2018