Pennsylvania Labor
History Society

"Our history has been lost, stolen and strayed from the
truth by many, and it is up to us to preserve it,"
proclaimed union officer John Brennan, one of the
founding leaders of the Pennsylvania Labor History
Society in 1974.

To speak historical truth to today's power structures, the
Pennsylvania Labor History Society organizes an annual
conference to honor labor heroes, significant strikes,
mining disasters, massacres of workers, and
path-breaking labor events by dedicating a Pennsylvania
State Historical and Museum Commission Marker to tell
the story of that individual or event. The Conference also
recognizes current labor leaders by awarding a Mother
Jones Award, William Sylvis Organizing Award, and a
John Brennan Labor Education Award to recognize their
dedication and efforts to make a better life for workers.

A PLHS Journal is published annually.The Journal
reports on the activities of the Society and endeavors to
inspire readers that in order "to promote the general
welfare, happiness, and the common good," one must
join with their co-workers and ORGANIZE!

Rosemary Trump,  former President-PLHS,
PLHS Members
L-R: Nick Molnar, Dennis Pearson, Rick Bloomingdale (Pres,
PA FL-CIO), Howard Scott,(rear) Charles Lumpkin (PLHS
Pres), Ken Wolensky, Rosemary Trump(past PLHS Pres),
and Zachary Hause
The PLHS Board of Directors in April 2014 inquired
whether  the Steelworkers' Archives would commit to
host a PLHS Conference in the fall of 2015 ... The
rationale - since so many PLHS Conferences were held
in South West PA in recent years, they wanted to bring
it East.

At the time, Dennis Pearson said that he would ask the
Archives Board , and the Board said yes to it in

Well, when the PLHS Board met 9/12/2014, there was a
discussion about an idea that Ken Wolensky first raised
that the Deindustrialization in Anthracite and Clothing
industries be a topic of a future Conference and that
this Conference be held in Wilkes-Barre PA.

... But the issue for Wilkes-Barre is that would they be
ready for the Fall of 2015 and who in that area would
organize the Conference.... So the Board decided it
could push that Conference back to 2016 if need be.

So who might do it in 2015 ... Discussion was that since
the real Labor Day was established in Philadelphia that
Philadelphia might be the choice of PLHS in 2015 ... But
since the real Labor Day is in May --- The Conference
would be pushed up to May and there would be just a
Fall Board Meeting ... This year there was a April Board
Meeting and the September Conference. Jan Holman a
former President of the PLHS will go home and talk to
people there if they are interested. And will inform the
PLHS President accordingly

Which means,  the site of next years conference and
date is still technically open and the Board must be
open to alternative choices if need be..

The conferences for 2017, 2018 and 2019 are already set:

2017 --- 125th Anniversary of 1892 Steel Strike,
Homestead PA
2018--- General Electric Strike, Erie PA
2019--- Assassination of Fannie Sellins in 1919,
Westmoreland County, PA.

The Theme of this year's conference was Remembering
the Westinghouse Strike of 1914 --- Honoring Women's
Contribution to Labor Struggle.

Bearing this in mind, the Society's Mother Jones
Awards was presented at Palmieri's Restaurant in Turtle
Creek the site of the 1914 Women's March  to: Steffi
Domike, USW Education Department; Robin Alexander,
Attorney , UE International Affairs; and Millie Beik,
Program Chair, Battle of Homestead Foundation and

In other business , theBoard received reports on:

1) Summer Research Projects related to providing
students and small businesses with entrepreneurship
ideas, ,
2) A PLHS Oral History Project
3) A PLHS Bibliographic Project
4) Labor History Education for Schoolteachers and Act
48 certification for school teacher project. and
5) National History Day Labor History award
competition with Intermediate Unit 10
Conference Tours:

1) Car van to Breaddock - Stop for Memorial 1916
Westinghouse Strike at Edgar Thomas Gate of USS --
Visit to Keystone Commons -- former Westinghouse
Electric Plant East Pittsburgh ... Walking tour of sites
associated with 1914 strike ... Car Van to Wilmerding
and visit to Wilmweding --- Exterior views of Airbrake
and Westinghouse's Castle