The East Allentown-Rittersville Neighborhood
Association Inc for 2013-2014  wants to propose a
program  for the continuation of a scholarship fund
that will be distributed to high school seniors
residing in the 14th and 15th wards of Allentown
who plan to continue their education beyond high
school at  institutions of higher learning dedicated
to the advancement of technical, business, liberal
arts or literary skills.

The neighborhood scholarship award program was
initially established in 1983 and continued through
1991 before it was suspended for many years before
it was revived in 2000. The program has continued
from 2000 to the present.

According to proposed 2013-2014 scholarship rules
two scholarship awards will be guaranteed
graduating high school seniors from Louis E. Dieruff
High School. They shall be awarded by the
neighborhood upon the recommendation of the
cooperating guidance counselors at Louis E. Dieruff
High School . The Cooperating guidance counselors
were instructed to submit his or her
recommendations to the neighborhood no later than
May 1, 2014

Important qualifying criteria for eligibility to receive
consideration for EARN Entitlement Award.

Does graduating senior live in the 14th and 15th
Wards of Allentown?

Does graduating senior intend to continue his or
her education beyond high school?

Does graduating senior attend Dieruff High School

Important considerations Guidance Counselors
should take in account when making EARN
Entitlement selection.

Successful Applicant need not be an A student...
However the neighborhood expects Applicants to
be motivated enough to be successful in meeting
the academic requirements of their intended

Successful Applicant should demonstrate some
need for assistance... The program discourages the
award to graduating seniors who expect to receive
scholarship assistance from multiple sources.

In the continuation  of the program, Cooperating
Guidance Counselors  will be asked to assist the
neighborhood in the recruitment of potential
candidates for scholarship award consideration.

Cooperating Guidance Counselors shall forward to
the neighborhood association all scholarship
vouchers received from students interested in
being recipients of the neighborhood's scholarship
award and may make professional recommendations
in regard to which scholarship vouchers should be
given special consideration by the EARN Board of

Additional considerations Dieruff Guidance
Counselors should take in account when making
EARN Entitlement recommendations.

... In regard to the two annual awards, one
successful applicant should be a male and the other
should be a female. But in cases there are no male
or female candidates special exceptions can be
made to the rule.

* Project Academia *
Next Meeting ; February 16, 2015
* Project Academia  Awads*
Association is pleased to announce the following
recipients of its annual EARN Mini Grants since its

For 2012-2013--- Elias Saba , 1322 E, Gordon
Street and Kimberly Ghorm, 412 N. Fenwick Street
For 2011-2012 --- Brandon Lukow , 767 N. Irving
Street and Leslie Lukow, 767 N Irving Street
For 2010-2011 --- :  Jennifer Carrillo, 841 N.
LaCrosse Street and Emily Williamson of 317 S.
Bradford Street
2009 - 2010 ----  Marie Crespe, 212 N. Jerome
Street and Samantha Egizio, 1137 N. Wahneta
2008 - 2009 ---- April Sigoda of 1209 N. Tacoma
Street and Christopher Pfingstl of 276 E.Fairview
2007 - 2008 ---- Johny Safi, 256 E. Fairview Street
and Katey Lynn Vandergrift, 956 E. TilghmanStreet
2006 - 2007 ---- Stephen M. Gross, 946 Hamilton
Street and Zachary D. Egizio,1137 N. Wahneta
2005 - 2006 ----  Ernesto Ortiz, 1911 E. Greenleaf
Street and Brian Wrecsics, 1027 E. Union Street
2004- 2005 --- Jaime Douglas Barron, 116 S.
Carlisle Street and Nuvia Saucedo, 835 N.
Plymouth Street and Luke Byrnes, 40 S. Carlisle
2003-2004 --- Matthew Charles Burch, 1023 East
Union Street and Laura Rira Mamiero, 240 E.
Fairview Street
2002-2003 --- David Anthony, 408 S. Bradford Street
and   Marie Danielle Reynolds, 1144 N. Wahneta
Street and Christine Whitehead, 1813 Sherwood
2001-2002 --- Justin Scholl, 920 E. Clair Street and
Anong Luong, 936 E. Fairview Street
1990-2001---No Scholarships Awarded
1989-1990 --- Duane L. Swayberger, 272 E. Mosser
Street;Kimberly Mann, 201 N. Irving Stree;
Michele W. Kurtz, 1018 E. Union Street; Michele
Neubert, 1822 E. Greenleaf Street; Jaime H.
Gallagher, 1017 E. Turner Street
1988-1989 ---  Donnel L. Smith, 428 E. Hamilton
Street;  Joseph M. Oravec, 831 N. Kiowa Street;
Kieth Brader, 945 E. Fairview Street ;Kirsten
George 1122 Airport Road; Carlo F, Angelone,
1010 E. Union Street
1987-1988  --- Megan O'Donnell, 912 Hanover
Avenue ;Mark D. Bedics, 1236 N. Van Buren Street;
Nancy Lux, 961 E. Fairview Street ; Erika Mackey,
708 E. Green Street; Theodore E. Steiner, 810 N.
Quincy Street; Kelley S. Leitgeb, 1407 E. Tremont
Project Academia