With permission of the Allentown School District the East Allentown Rittersville Neighborhood
Association in cooperation with the Lehigh Valley Space Frontier of the Lehigh Valley Council
for Regional Livability supports the Annual Allentown School District Science Fair by offering
the Kirk Shinsky Award to a Allentown School District High School Student and the Frederick
Greenleaf Jr. Award to a Allentown School District Middle School Student.

Please note - when we established the Greenleaf and Shinsky Awards our aim or intent in
establishing Project Academia- Science was to encourage projects whose themes were
related to astronomy, earth science, space aviation, space settlement, space technology,
space physics and engineering. But in reality in the award of these prizes we had to deal with
what themed projects were actually produced by students and how the independent judges
judged these projects overall irregardless of science category. Knowing this reality we are
very pleased with the projects that the Judges selected as winners these past few years. But
to assure that those quality projects which deal with our preferred categories are awarded we
have created a third award which be awarded year to year depending on what quality projects
in our preferred categories are offered to us

This Award is called the Pete Conrad Space Faring Civilization Award and because of the
nature of the award is awarded to the best of the show in our preferred category regardless of
whether the entry comes from the middle of high School division.

Each award has a $100 monetary award associated with the award.

Frederick Greenleaf Jr. in 1955 was an Allentown High School student whom had the
distinction of being the first Allentown School District student to win 1st prize in the national
science Fair.

Kirk Shinsky in 1970 was a Dieruff High School student whom also had the distinction of being
a national science fair winner.  His project dealt with creating a proton collider.

Pete Conrad was a Pennsylvania native who flew to the Moon on Apollo 12.


This year the Allentown School District comducts its annual middle and high school
competitive science fair  on June 1 and 2, 2017. There will be an open house at Allen High
School for the community on the evening of June 1.

Who is Eligible:  All Middle and High School Students

High School Contacts for information:
•William Allen – Michele Kloiber and Nicole Leskosky
•Dieruff – Lisa Krause and Leila Little

Middle School Contacts for information:
•Harrison-Morton – Katie Perkins
•Raub – Stephanie Deemer
•South Mountain – Katrina Griffin
•Trexler – Jennifer Bryant


2016 ASD Science Fair Award Winners ----------------

High School Division
•1st Place:       Allen Potter “PVC & Passive Solar Heating”  (William Allen)
•2nd Place:     Ben Gilbert “Daphnia Heart Rate” (William Allen)
•3rd Place:      Madison Haney “How Music Affects Sleep” (William Allen)

Middle School Division

6th Grade
•1st Place:       T J Polaha “Air Ball” (Harrison-Morton)
•2nd Place:     William Gorecki “Rocket Height” (South Mountain)
•3rd Place:      Lourdes Payano “Swabbing Up Bacteria” (Raub)

7th grade
•1st Place:       Chudong Liang “How Much Electricity is Produced by Different Coin Batteries”
•2nd place:     Alondra Rosario “Thermal Expansion in Metals” (South Mountain)
•3rd Place:      Lukas Labar &Tyler Durgin “Video Games: Distracted Driving” (South Mountain)

8th grade
•1st Place:       Angie Rabih “Game Theory” (Harrison-Morton)
•1st Place:       Peter Capote “How Does the Angle of a Football Kick Affect the pathway it
Takes During the Kick” (Harrison-Morton)
•2nd Place:     Batool Salloum “The Effects of Acid Rain on Plants” (Harrison-Morton)
•3rd Place:      Lisandra Espiritusanto & Viviana Stulack “Do Hue Remember” (South Mountain)


EARN Project Academia-Science AWards for 2016

Kirk Shinsky Award --- Allen Potter “PVC & Passive Solar Heating”  (William Allen)
Frederick Greenleaf Jr Award --- Peter Capote “How Does the Angle of a Football Kick Affect
the pathway it Takes During the Kick” (Harrison-Morton)

Pete Conrad Spacefaring Civilization Award --- Jakob Tyson  Space Faring Civilization Award
“Magnetic Linear Accelerators.”(Harrison-Morton)


Additionally the East Allentown Rittersville Neighborhood Association offers Awards to Ritter
Elementary Students in their 5th Grade Science fair ... The Awards are in the honor of Gary
Becker Award in honor of the former Dieruff High School Planetarium .

The winners were 1st Place:  Aaron Tyson for “Plant Growth with Different Light Sources,”
2nd place was Zane Childs for “Which paper towel is the most absorbent?” and 3rd place to
Daniel Antar for “The effects of Soil pH on plant growth.”  

Project Academia - Science
Project Academia- Science
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