Summer 2015                                                        Useful information for our neighbors in East Allentown

          East Allentown Rittersville
      Neighborhood Association

      The East Allentown Rittersville           
Neighborhood Association (EARN) is
the city-recognized neighborhood group
for the 14th and 15th Wards of
Allentown --- all the city east of the
Lehigh River. EARN works with the
Midway Manor Community Association
to help improve the quality of life for our
East Side residents and work with you
to resolve neighborhood issues by
bringing them to the attention of the
proper city officials .

Ever hear the expression "you can't
fight City Hall" Well , whether that true
or not, we're here to work with City Hall
in making East Allentown a better place
for all of us to live and work. This works
best when more of our neighbors
participate. Some of the issues we have
handled over the past few months

  • Traffic Issues, including truck traffic
  • Noise issues, both home and
  • Neighborhood safety/ Crime Watch
  • Blighted properties
  • Area Parks and Recreation
  • Water and Sewer Issues

EARN meets the third Monday of each
month, starting at 7:00 p.m at St.
Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church,
1933  Hanover Avenue, Allentown PA

Enter the Church on the Tacoma Street
side, upper level ... Go to the end of the
hall in front of you and make a left turn
... We meet in the room at the end of
the Hall

For your information ... Officers of the
Allentown Police Department who are
assigned to the East Side attend many
of our meetings --- and are informed of
proceedings at those they cannot
attend. This is a great place to bring up
concerns and issues... and you will not
be identified publicly if you choose to
remain anonymous.

For the Holidays --- Project Haas is
East Allentown's annual
Holiday/Christmas light display. Dieruff
High School students helped with
erecting the display last November and
we anticipate the same help this year.

For the inquisitive --- Project Academia
Science with its Kirk Shinsky , Frederick
Greenleaf Jr. Pete Conrad and Gary
Becker Awards meet our goal of
promoting the future through education
and science.

East Allentown has three major youth
sports groups : East Side Youth
Center, East Side Memorial and
Midway Manor. These groups run
various sports programs throughout the

And we are proud that Coca-Cola Park
--- The Home of the Lehigh Valley Iron
Pigs is in our backyard.

Can we do more ...Yes ... With your