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The next Neighborhood Caucus is
scheduled on the following date:  
September 17, 2018 ...Our speaker will be
Ryan Griffiths a recreation specialist in the
Allentown bureau of Parks and Recreation
He will discuss what progress has been
made in developing a master plan for
Andre Reed Park ... Regularly Scheduled
Neighborhood Meetings (Caucus)  are held
on theThird Monday of the Monthat
The Location for our meetings is the
St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran
located at 1933 Hanover Avenue.


Dennis Pearson -- Neighborhood President and Editor of
website and Newletter

TEL. # (610) 434-1229
(610) 751-0794
The East Allentown Rittersville
NeighborhoodAssociation, Inc
The 14th Ward (shaded blue) and the
15th Ward (shaded LimeGreen) ... We
are Irving Park, Keck Park, Central Park,
Clader's Division,Bridgetown, East
Port,NOTES, REACH, OverlookTerraces,
AirportRoad, Rittersville  and Midway
Established in 1976, EARN wants your input and ideas. If you live, operate a
business, or simply have a vested interest in Allentown’s East Side, please come!
        Know what is happening in your neighborhood and be a part of the flow of
information – have your voice heard.
        Have a direct communication link with local government officials and other
influential groups.
        Help to preserve and improve East Allentown.
        Plan social activities for your neighborhood.

Let’s get together, share our ideas, thoughts, and feelings and work cooperatively to
make Allentown’s east side a better place to live.

All neighborhood residents and guests are welcome ... This is your neighborhood ...
Help it be a strong one ...Get Involved ... Be part of the adventure ... Be a
Frontiersman for the neighborhood.
EARN Officers

Dennis L. Pearson - President (610) 434-1229
Robert R. Pandaleon - Vice President (610)841-4133
David A. Schell - Secretary (610) 435-1586
Robert L. Jacoby Sr. - Treasurer (610)435-3417

LVCRL Officers

Dennis Pearson - President (610) 751-0794
Robert R. Pandaleon - Vice President (610)841-4133
David Schell - Secretary (610) 435-1586
Robert L. Jacoby Sr. - Treasurer (610)435-34

Board of Directors
Hilda Sawka
Lois Morrell
Jerome Sefick
Bob Smith
Kayleen Wagner
Jean Gerding
John Flamish
Edie Flamish
P.0 BOX 1136
Next Meeting ;  September 17--- Everyone invited
Dennis Pearson
David Schell
Bob Jacoby
The East Allentown/ Rittersville Neighborhood Association ran its first holiday
lighting program of certain community facilities in 1994-1995 and  just
completed in January our 24th continuous run in 2017-2018.

Throughout the years the neighborhood has received from neighbors and
friends of the neighborhood good reviews for the project… But at the same
time, we received limited help to plan it, finance it and set it up and take it

Credit should go to Robert Jacoby and Dennis Pearson for keeping it going
for these many years… And when, we had the capacity to construct a
SPARKLE TREE, much thanks should go to PPL and its employees whom
assisted in its construction,

The fixed reality being - Nice as it would be, the 25th Curtain Call for Project
Haas 2018-2019 is currently in jeopardy for various reasons.
1)        Uncertainly over the availability of the Andre Reed facility;
2)        Lack of volunteers to plan for, finance and set up displays; and
3)        Lack of Morning Call annual support in promoting the project
Our idea for Project Haas was to place holiday decorations at the following
city of Allentown facilities: Irving Park, Keck Park, Canal Park, the Jerome
Street Islands, Kimmets Lock and the East Side Reservoir…

Our intent was to invite students from neighboring Dieruff High School
and other schools to play an annual role in the planning, set-up, maintenance
and take-down of the project.  And in a limited way the Dieruff Air Force
Junior ROTC did help but never involved themselves in the planning of the

So, In the end, we limited our project each year to putting up holiday
decorations at Irving Park And we always looked for the student community
to come on board to take over more responsibility for the Project. ...

The fixed reality also being, the 25th curtain call for Project Haas depends on
the student population taking over more responsibility for the project and if
needed --- total responsibility… The reason – A younger generation of East
Side residents have not stepped forward to take over the helm of Project
Haas planning, financing, set-up-maintenance, take down and storage of

So, as a consequence, it appears that the final curtain in January has dropped
for the Project Haas Christmas Display.  An event which was developed to
honor the memory of EARN long-time Secretary Kenneth Haas and provide
financial help to maintain the facilities of the planetarium at Dieruff High
School. And the event succeeded in doing that for a few years until the
Allentown School District undermined one its purposes by not hiring a new
Planetarium Director when the former planetarium director retired, using that
as an excuse to end operations at that facility.

Since the closing of the Allentown School District Planetarium at Dieruff High
School, we have been an advocate of its reopening.

As far as the Project Haas Christmas Displays they are currently in storage at
a self-storage facility on Quebec Street in East Allentown. Should there be no
curtain call for Project Haas, the need would be to dispose or sale off the
inventory. Should that be the case, we will entertain all offers for purchase of
our usable items.

Should people step forward and again raise the curtain for the 25th time, they
will have to create a new vision for the project, raise enough funds to
purchase new items, refurbish older items, store all items and perhaps make
a contribution to a certain cause.

Bob Jacoby and Dennis Pearson hope that people come forward… They
really want there to be another curtain call this year. They really want you to
decorate the park  and bring your ideas how to do it. But reality is reality, if
the end of this event is at hand --- Thanks for the Memories...
Project Haas
Christmas Display