Next Meeting ;  July 23, 2018--- Everyone invited
PO. BOX 1136, ALLENTOWN, PA 18105

July 5, 2018
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The next Neighborhood Caucus is scheduled on the
following date: July 23, 2018  --- Speaker --- TBD

Regularly Scheduled Neighborhood Meetings
(Caucus)  are held on the Third Monday of
the Month  at
7:00 PM ... The Location for our
meetings is the
St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran
located at 1933 Hanover Avenue ... However
this meeting is delayed one week

Map of East Side
The East Allentown Rittersville
NeighborhoodAssociation, Inc comprise
the 14th Ward (shaded blue) and the 15th
Ward (shaded LimeGreen) ... We are
Irving Park, Keck Park, Central Park,
Clader's Division,Bridgetown, East
Port,NOTES, REACH, OverlookTerraces,
AirportRoad, Rittersville  and Midway
Dennis Pearson
David Schell
Established in 1976, EARN wants your input and ideas. If you live, operate a
business, or simply have a vested interest in Allentown’s East Side, please come!
        Know what is happening in your neighborhood and be a part of the flow of
information – have your voice heard.
        Have a direct communication link with local government officials and other
influential groups.
        Help to preserve and improve East Allentown.
        Plan social activities for your neighborhood.

Let’s get together, share our ideas, thoughts, and feelings and work cooperatively to
make Allentown’s east side a better place to live.

All neighborhood residents and guests are welcome ... This is your neighborhood ...
Help it be a strong one ...Get Involved ... Be part of the adventure ... Be a
Frontiersman for the neighborhood
Many years ago --- I made a little reported soul of the city speech in one of
my unsuccessful
campaigns for public office  ... What I said then was that in
their interest to create a new Allentown , politicians were willing to push
around and violate the soul of the City --- its people .... In concert with this
speech I talked about the benefits of a City built upon strong foundations that
would survive despite the wind and water whose combined effect would
interact to weaken these foundations ...

Ask yourself what does it take to make a City Work? In simplest terms it takes
hard work and drive. Of what you may Ask? People ... People make the City
work --- not buildings ... Buildings are only the body of the City --- a tool to be
utilized by people ... The soul of the city is its people and the City I believe
has compromised the good intentions of a proud and self-sufficient people ...
Therefore it has abused its soul ..

This was the beginning of my Abuse of the Soul Speech made in the midst of
the democratic primary for City Council in `1981 ... An election that dealt with
the then current water and sewer issues and the hidden factor that leading
politicians could not or didn't want to understand that Allentown was about to
take a roller coaster ride into an urban driven malaise...An Urban driven
malaise that leading politicians of today ethically or unethically still try to

A leading blogger says the Democracy is dead in Allentown ... Another leading
blogger says that the Mayor's dilemma presents Council with the opportunity
to provide better checks and balances in wake of the Mayor's problem .... But
nothing will happen if the soul of the City ---its people continues to be abused.

As it exists today, externally the renewal of the building stock in downtown
Allentown shows signs of a reinvigorated City. But internally, Citizen
concerns about whether everything is kosher or true and correct with
Allentown finances raises concerns that the abuse of the City's Soul still
continues ...

In this context the legal problems that face Allentown Ed Pawlowski is tragic
for him and the City.... The Mayor still has his supporters whom in their
loyalty to the Mayor shout out: "Say it is not so , Ed .... Give it a good fight."
And unless the Mayor changes direction in the coming weeks, he will fight
hard to rebuke all allegations of wrongdoing. If we take the Mayor's word for
it that he as the Saviour of Allentown has not done anything wrong, that if
wrongdoing has indeed been done, the responsibility for it lays in the deeds
of people within his Administration and those that they dealt with, we have
another issue. And the issue is this ... If for some reason Pawlowski did not
know what questionable acts were brewing within his administration, then we
can say he was out of touch. And if he was out of touch, he was negligent in
keeping a firm hand on what was evolving ... For that reason alone, forgetting
his legal problems, he should resign immediately as Mayor of Allentown.
At his press conference, Pawlowski pleaded to the public to preserve his right
to be presumed innocent before he faces a jury of his peers in federal court
... Yes indeed we shall give him that Constitutional right ... But I add one more
charge to the indictment --- Mayor Pawlowski in his governance has abused
the Soul of the City --- its people --- and that is a very serious charge. When
election day comes 2017 , that should be the only charge that the voters
should consider when they cast their vote ....
EARN Officers

Dennis L. Pearson - President (610) 434-1229
Robert R. Pandaleon - Vice President (610)841-4133
David A. Schell - Secretary (610) 435-1586
Robert L. Jacoby Sr. - Treasurer (610)435-3417

LVCRL Officers

Dennis Pearson - President (610) 751-0794
Robert R. Pandaleon - Vice President (610)841-4133
David Schell - Secretary (610) 435-1586
Robert L. Jacoby Sr. - Treasurer (610)435-34

Board of Directors
Hilda Sawka
Lois Morrell
Jerome Sefick
Bob Smith
Kayleen Wagner
Jean Gerding

DENNIS L. Pearson
TEL. # (610) 434-1229
(610) 751-0794
EMAIL: dpearson@enter.net
Bob Jacoby